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How do I book a show at the Jambalaya?

To Book a show your band or act must draw at least 100 people. Please
don't call the club to book a show ever!!! If you call the club it
will greatly decrease your chances of booking a show. We do all
booking via email only!!!

Contact Pete Ciotti at booking@jambalayaarcata.com


After you booked a show To Do list

Each band/performer's responsibility is to:

Send at least 50 Posters & 100 hand bills

Copy of latest CD & Any other promotional material you have.


Do you need Posters made?

Contact our Designer Vico at Vico@vicodesigns.com

Check out his website for poster samples at www.VicoDesigns.com.


If you are interested in booking a show at the Jambalaya

please fill this form with your info.


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